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 Rabbit story

- There lived a little rabbit in one of the forests. He loved adventure, exploring the unknown, and knowing secrets. The rabbit had a good relationship with the tortoise and the rooster. One day, the rabbit was wandering in the forest and found the tortoise sitting on the shore of the river. He went to her, smiling, and said to her: My friend, I saw her today. Something strange that I had never seen before. The turtle was amazed, saying: What did I see? The rabbit pointed to one of the trees and said to it: Under that tree, there is a stone and underneath it is a dark tunnel that has no end. So I was afraid and went back. What do you think of coming with me into this tunnel so that we can discover together what is inside it?

- The tortoise agreed to go with the rabbit, and when they were heading towards the tunnel, they passed by the rooster and presented the matter to him, and he agreed to go with them. When the three reached the tunnel, the rabbit went forward, and the rooster walked behind him, and the tortoise was behind him. They walked inside a long basement until they felt distressed and disturbed, and suddenly it descended upon them. The basement went down and they all fell on top of each other.

They rose from the ground and found a strange world inside a yard full of grass and completely empty of people, birds or animals, so the three friends sat under one of the trees.

The turtle said: It seems that we have arrived at a truly deserted world that no one has discovered before us.
After a few moments of silence, the rabbit said: How about we stay here?
The turtle said: I agree with you and I will bring my family to live here together
The rooster said: I will also bring my family with me and live with you. The three felt happy about the new ideal world in which they will live, which is a world free of murder, assault, and pollution.

The three of them agreed to make a list of the birds and animals they wanted to bring to live with them, so they decided that the rooster would stay, and the rabbit and the turtle would go upstairs to bring the animals from the forest, which were complaining at that time about the lack of food. Some of them agreed to go down and try, while the others were afraid of changing. Their lives and they refused to come down.

Another group wished to go down and live in that new world full of peace, tranquility, and abundant food, but their old age and large size prevented them from fulfilling this wish. The rabbit and the tortoise thought of a solution to this crisis to help those animals go down with them, but they found nothing but the idea of bringing food from this world. What's new every day and bring it to those many animals.

The tortoise said to the rabbit: My friend, most of the members of my family and clan are weak and elderly people who cannot walk the long distances that we walked, so I decided to carry some good food for them every day.

The rabbit said: Don't do it, this is difficult for you
The turtle said: But I will not rest while I live in plenty of food and drink while my family is hungry. The lucky ones should not forget others, and no one guarantees the fluctuations of days. One day I may become like them, so I hope that someone will help me.

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