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 Fish Adventures

A big fish lived with her little daughter, in a calm blue sea, and one day the two fish saw three ships sailing in the distance
The big fish said to her daughter: They are humans
The little fish screamed in excitement: I have always dreamed of knowing where they go, and I always wish to take a trip with them to learn about other seas and oceans.

Her mother replied: I will let you go one day, but not now, my daughter, because you are still too young for that
She replied: I am not young, mother. The mother said: I mean when you grow older, my daughter, then you will discover in him whatever you want.
The little fish replied, complaining: How can that be, since I have not found anyone to help me yet? So the crab heard the little fish talking to its mother, so he asked her: Why are you complaining? The little girl replied: In your opinion, is having fun a mistake? I don't know but I want to go on an expedition and my mother says to wait until I grow up.

A seagull came and joined them in the conversation, saying: Your mother is right
Little Fish: You too, seagull, stand before my desire and do not want to help me

Seagull: For fear of you, you might get lost or lose your way
Little Fish: I will not lose my way or get lost, for I am old enough to have the adventure I want

The fish insisted on its opinion, and without letting anyone know, it left the bay in a direction it did not know. It saw one of the sailing sea ships, so it swam quickly to reach it and shouted: Wait for me, ship.

But none of the sailors heard her, and in moments the ship disappeared beyond the horizon. The little fish felt disappointed and tired, so she decided to return to her mother, but she found herself lost, as everything around her was strange.

The little fish started swimming anxiously until it encountered an octopus on its way and asked it: Do you know where the way to my house is?
The octopus ignored the question and ran towards some sleeping oysters. She told them that she had lost her way home and asked them: Can you help me find it? Also, no one answered her, so the fish then turned to a jellyfish and begged him: I wish you could guide me to a path that would lead me to my home? And he did not answer her.

- She did not find anyone to help her reach her mother, so the fish became sad and kept wondering what I should do now, and what is my fate? Everyone was right, I was too young to go on an adventure on my own

The little fish noticed that the fish around it were swimming at an amazing speed. It found a large shadow falling on it. It felt still and cold in the water, and knew that the shark was coming.
- The shark tried to catch the small fish and swallow it, so it inserted itself between the rocks so that it would be difficult for the shark to enter it, and when it felt that the danger had passed, it got out of its place and swam with all its strength away without looking back, and suddenly the small fish found itself among its family and friends. She doesn't know how she got there, but she decided that she would never go back to adventure again at such a young age.

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