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Snow Mountain Adventures

 Snow Mountain Adventures

About: Snow Mountain Adventures is a wonderful short fictional adventure story, and it is considered one of the interesting adventure stories. It is a short fictional story about Leah and Cassie's adventure trip to climb a mountain in Canada.

Where is my red bag? I'm shouting from upstairs. “How should I know, Leah? Find it yourself,” my father shouted. Very confused I started searching the house for the bag.

I finished after twenty minutes. “Thank God,” I muttered to myself. It's the first snow of the year, and my best friend and I made a pact. This first snowfall after we get our permits will be the year we're going to hike this hike.

Not some boring twenty-minute hike through the woods but a three-hour hike up Canada's largest mountain. But it's covered in twenty-three centimeters of snow over the course of the day, so it's going to be awesome! As I finish packing my food, water, spare jacket, flashlight, gloves and socks, I hear the doorbell ring. I looked out my window and saw Cassie. She opened the door and walked in. “Are you ready for Big Snow Sixteen?” She asks with a big smile on her face. That's what we call the mountain, and that, since the snow fell, and now we can drive, since the age of sixteen. We drove my red Jeep into the parking lot, and I saw Cassie throwing everything into her bag. “You're doing that now? The path to readiness! “I say with a laugh. She smiles as she almost finishes packing her bag. We got out of the car. It only takes about ten minutes on foot to start the trail, so we both started to go to the bathroom first.

Then we climbed thirty minutes higher and I was exhausted. I see Cassie breathing heavily too, so we decide to take a break. “We thought this would be easy? As for me, I think I'm dying, Cassie says

She drank a quarter of her water bottle. “I honestly don't know, but it's too late to go back now.”

We kept getting closer and closer as time went on, but the snow and cold kept slowing us down. We only walked for an hour and forty minutes, but it felt like an eternity. By the time we reached the two hour mark we were soaking wet from all the snow. Cassie suddenly sighed, “Leah, can we take a break please? I can't feel my legs. I swear they might fall! “I agreed, and then we saw a bench and went up to it. We sat there for twelve minutes and then decided we should keep walking. “The trail up the mountain is a loop so it will only take an hour on the way back,” I say with some hope in my eyes. But she just turns to me. As we stand, a giant gust of wind comes rolling down the mountain. Just our luck, we are standing next to a huge snow hill. Then suddenly the avalanche comes! Before we even have a chance to move, we're pushed to the ground by pounds and pounds of snow! I stayed there frozen for three minutes. I could barely remember what happened. I stand up and grab warmer clothes from my bag, when I realize I don't see Cassie. "Cas!" , Scream. “Where are you!” “Here,” I hear someone say quietly. I rush over and help her. She was stuck under a bunch of snow. “What the hell happened?” She says angrily.

I explain to her what happened, because she was facing the other way when the snow fell on us. We were both covered in snow and decided to walk home. Just as we came.

Cassie stops and looks up. “Look at this,” she says, pointing at whatever she's staring at. I look up to see what she's pointing at. It's a big brown hut with a bright red door. “Wow, let's go see what's inside,” I say, and I don't even look back to get an answer from her.

“It must have been snowing,” I said to Cassie as we walked to the cabin. “I knew there would be a lot of snow but I didn't think it would be this much.

“Looks like someone lives there? I think we should go home,” Cassie says as she stops walking. I tell her no and I won't stop.

I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach but I brush it off. She sighs and continues walking with me. We get to the cabin and I peek out the window to see if anyone is there. “I don't see anyone there. let's go in." We pass the door and, fortunately for us, it is open.

As we entered we found a rush of warm air meeting our faces. We look around and it's the most beautiful cabin ever. It's color coordinated, with dark blue sofas and cushions, and wooden tables and cabinets. “I wonder why there's no one here? Such an unbelievably cool place,” I wondered as we walked around the cabin in awe.

"I'm not sure?" Cassie says. “We should stay here tonight, instead of pitching a tent in this terrible weather. What is your opinion?" I agree to stay the night here, as the snow is falling harder by the minute. We approached the fireplace. I thought it was strange that the fire was burning, but I didn't care. I was frozen so I didn't mind, and I didn't bother thinking.

Ten minutes later we were ready to take the food out of the bags. She stopped the zipper of the bag midway when she heard footsteps coming from outside. “Cas,” she whispered. “I think I hear someone.”

We approached the window and saw a man who appeared to be six feet tall walking towards the cabin. We grabbed our bags and jackets and went out the window. Fortunately for us, the man was singing Christmas carols, so he didn't hear the window opening. We walked for about six minutes and then finally stopped.

We both looked at each other and then burst out laughing hysterically. Then I woke up, “Let's go home.” Cassie nodded, "We've had enough excitement for one day!"

Then we started walking back home.!

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