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The story of the king and the dogs

The story of the king and the dogs
There was a king who loved to be in control of all matters, and he was afraid of his courtiers and ministers taking advantage of him, so he was thinking of an idea through which he could control those who disagreed with him and punish him with ease.

He came up with the idea of digging a deep hole and placing a group of dogs in it, with the condition that these dogs would be ferocious, that is, as soon as any human reached them, they would immediately devour him with their teeth. Indeed, he brought a person in charge of them and taught them all ferocity.

One day the king was in a large council and he stated his own opinion on a subject, but one of his ministers came and rejected the king’s opinion and even argued with him a lot, which made the king sentence him to be taken to that pit so that he would become an example to all the ministers and advisors.
But the minister begged him a lot, saying that he had served him a lot for ten years, so how could he want to kill him, but to no avail. The king was insisting on killing him in the dog pit, which made the minister ask him for one last request before his death, which was to give him a period of ten days before his death.

The king agreed, and during that period the minister did a smarter trick, as he went to the dog guard and asked him to work instead of him for that period. The guard agreed immediately, so he could rest from the trouble of that annoying job.

Indeed, the minister remained for nine days taking care of the dogs, offering them food and drink day and night, until the day of the tenth minister’s execution came, and as soon as all the residents of the city came to see what had happened to him and consider him guilty.

As soon as the minister went down to the dogs, everyone expected him to be killed by the dogs immediately, but this did not happen. They went around him, sat at his feet, and approached him with intense love, which made the king and those around him astonished, and when the king asked him about the reason for this.

The minister told him a wise response, which was that for nine days he served them food and drink and they did not forget what he gave them, but despite his years in which he served the king and provided him with everything he needed and more, he wanted to get rid of him for a mistake he did not commit. He merely spoke his opinion.

The king felt extremely embarrassed and remorseful for what he had done to the minister and ordered him to be pardoned and taken out of the hole. Not only that, but he also became his closest minister and personal advisor.

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