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The story of the rich man

 The story of the rich man

There was a rich, kind-hearted man who, on his way to the market, found a cow that was producing a lot of milk, which made him think about buying it, taking it, and giving it to his poor neighbor, as he did not work and had five daughters, and that cow would be of great use to him in providing food and drink for them.

He actually took the cow and gave it to his neighbor, who was very happy with it and thanked him very much. This rich man was a traveler, so he moved from one place to another, and one day while he was walking in the desert, he felt very thirsty.

This made him look for a place to drink water, and he found an underground passage in which the water settled, so he decided to go down to it in order to drink. Once he entered, he was unable to leave for three days and was trapped underground, which made his children unable to reach him.

The man's children thought that he had died inside this corridor, and therefore they were happy because they would get his money and inherit from him. They were greedy, and the first thing they thought of was to recover the cow that their father had given to their neighbor, as they believed it was their right.

The neighbor refused to give it to them and told them that he would complain about them to his father as soon as the matter came, which made them respond sarcastically that he had died and they could not reach him, and they insisted on him until they got the cow. When he asked them about the whereabouts of their father who died, they described his place to him.

The man immediately went and took a rope and rescued the man, as he heard a faint groaning sound coming from the waterway. He rescued the man, and when he saved him, he took him home, provided him with food and drink, and cared for him until he fully recovered.

The poor man asked him curiously how he was able to endure in this place for three days without eating or drinking. He told him that he found water that he drank three times a day and that it tasted like milk.

But it was cut off from him a day before the man came, so the man told him that this time was when they took his children from him, the cow, and thus the two of them here learned that the reason for his salvation from destruction was this favor.

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