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Contentment is an inexhaustible treasure

 Contentment is an inexhaustible treasure, a beautiful story from Serbia

There lived three poor brothers who had nothing but a guava tree. They took great care of him, and every day one of the three guarded him, while the other two left the house. One day, God sent an angel to see how these brothers were living, and commanded him, if he found their lives very miserable, to help them. When the angel landed on earth, he took the form of a poor person and went to the guava tree. He found the elder brother and asked him to give him a fruit. The brother picked some fruits and gave them to the poor man and said: Take these fruits from my share, because I cannot give you from my brothers’ share. The angel thanked the man and left, and on the morning of the second day, the second brother remained. In order to guard the tree, the angel came again and asked him to give him fruit. So the man took some of the fruits and gave them to the angel, saying: Take these of my fruits. As for the fruits of my brothers, I dare not give you. On the third day, the third brother stayed in the house with the tree, and the angel came as he did the previous two times and asked for one fruit, and said: This. Brother, you also have some of my fruits. As for the fruits of my brothers, I dare not give you some of them.

The angel appeared again, but in the form of a monk, and went to the house of the three brothers and said to them: Come with me, and I will give you better food than the one you have. The three brothers followed the monk until they reached the torrent. Then the angel said to the elder brother: “Ask and wish.” The man said: I hope this water turns. They all drink, and this drink will be mine. The angel made a mark in the air with his stick, and in the blink of an eye, syrup began to flow instead of water, and on both banks of the river there were hundreds of barrels and men working under his command. So the angel left the older brother, saying to him: “This is all I wanted!” take care of yourself. After that, the angel said to the middle brother: “Ask and hope.” The man replied: I hope all these pigeons are sheep, and these sheep are mine. Once again, the angel pointed his staff in the air, and immediately all the doves turned into sheep. He had thousands of sheep under his command, in addition to hundreds of shepherds. The man and in the end the angel said: This is what you wished for, so live your life. So the angel went with the younger brother and said to him: Ask for what you want. The man said: I only want God to bless me with a good wife. He pulled the angel into the air with his stick, and a beautiful and beautiful girl immediately appeared. And then they married them. So he took them to the forest and they lived there.

After a period of time, the Lord sent the angel again, and told him to come down and see how these brothers lived. The angel descended to earth, as before, in the form of a beggar, and went to the first brother, who was overflowing with drink, and asked for a cup to drink. The man refused to give him a drink, saying: “If I give a cup of drink to anyone who asks,” I will lose everything I have. When the angel heard that, he made a mark in the air with his staff, causing the torrent to flow as it was in the beginning. The angel said to the older brother: This was not yours. Now go back to the guava tree to guard it.” After that, the angel went to the middle brother, the owner of the field full of sheep, asking him to feed him a small piece of meat because he was hungry. He refused, saying: “If I give each one a piece of meat,” there is nothing left of it. When he heard The angel pointed his stick in the air, and all the sheep turned into doves and flew away at once. Then the angel said: To the middle brother, who did not have this for you, go now to the guava tree to guard it.

Finally, the angel went to check on the younger brother's condition. He found him and his wife in the forest, living a poor life in a small hut. He told them that he had come from a long journey and begged them to allow him to spend that night with them. They received him very warmly. The man said to him: I apologize to you because I cannot serve you properly, as we are poor. The angel replied: Don't worry. What you have will satisfy me completely. Then the man asked his wife to prepare a loaf of bread and a bowl of water for the guest. After a while, the couple placed the bread and a bowl filled with water in front of the angel. Then the angel said: “Come, eat with me.” They lied to him and said they had just eaten so he wouldn't be embarrassed. The angel was very happy because of the couple’s generosity and the reward they received. The angel touched the hut with his stick and it turned into a large palace containing everything from animals, servants, and workers. Then the angel blessed the younger brother and his wife

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