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The story of the golden mountain

The story of the golden mountain

Once upon a time, there was a very poor young man named John. This young man went to the market to look for work to eat and drink, and when he arrived there, a very rich merchant came on a golden cart, and all the market men were there, but as soon as they saw him approaching, they ran and hid from him. One man remained. Just Simon.

The rich merchant said to John, “If you are looking for a job, good young man, I will work for you for $100 a day.” The young man agreed without much thought and the rich merchant told him, “Come to the dock tomorrow and let’s start working.” The next day, John arrived at the dock and found the rich merchant waiting for him.

The merchant and the young man boarded the ship and sailed for a long time until they reached an island that contained many mountains and a giant golden palace belonging to the rich merchant. As soon as they arrived, the rich merchant’s wife rushed to receive him and with her her young daughter, a beautiful girl who was more beautiful than she could imagine or imagine.

The family met and everyone went to the palace, and the new worker went with them. They sat and ate the most delicious food. The young worker was a kind and handsome man, and the merchant’s daughter loved him very much and looked at him with admiring looks. After they finished eating, the merchant said to the young man, “Let us rest today and start work tomorrow.” He asked The merchant asked the young man to spend the night in the guest room, and at night the merchant’s daughter came to John and gave him a flint stone and a gold stone and said to him, “Take this, perhaps you will need it one day.”

The next day, the rich merchant went with the hired worker to the top of the Gold Mountain, and when they arrived, the merchant said to the worker, “Let us drink a toast to courage,” and he gave him a little sleeping drink. As soon as the young man drank, he fell into a deep sleep. After that, the merchant took a knife and killed a large sheep, then opened its stomach and put the young man in And he sewed the sheep's skin well, and he sat down in the forest.

After a short while, the crows came flying and caught the sheep and carried it up the mountain and started pecking it. The crows quickly devoured the sheep and were about to start devouring John, but fortunately John woke up at this moment and pushed the crows away from him and asked in a loud voice, “Where am I?” The rich man replied, “You are at the top of the mountain of gold, and in order to get down from it, you must extract the gold and throw it down the mountain.” The young man did what the rich man told him, and he extracted a lot of gold and rolled it down the mountain. The man began putting the gold in the carts, and after he finished, the rich man said to the young man, “Thank you, you idiot!” This is much more than I need. The young man said, “How will I get down?” The rich man said, “Ninety-nine men before you ended their lives on this mountain, and with you the number will become a hundred.” After that, the arrogant merchant left and left the young man alone to meet his fate.

The poor young man thought: What should I do? Descending is impossible and staying means a cruel death from hunger and thirst. Our friend stood on the mountain while black crows with iron beaks hovered above his head as if they were preparing in advance to devour the prey. The young man tried to think about how all this happened and remembered what the beautiful girl said to him when she gave him the gold stone and the flint stone and said Take this, you may need it someday.

The young man took out the gold stone and the flint stone and hit them together. Suddenly a strong man appeared before him and said to him, “What is your wish? Wish for anything and I will fulfill it for you immediately.” The young man said, in a state of fear and astonishment, “Take me down from that mountain, for I want to go to the seashore.” Immediately, the man carried him carefully. He took him down to the beach. The young man found a boat sailing near the island and said in a loud voice: Good men, take me with you. The sailors responded to the young man’s request and took him with them and returned him to his town.

A long time passed and the young man again suffered from hunger due to his extreme poverty, so he went to the market in search of work. The same rich man came with his golden cart. As happened before, the men rushed to hide as soon as they saw him coming. John remained alone. The rich man asked him, “Do you agree to work with me for two hundred dollars a day?” The young man agreed and explained to him how eager he was for this work. The merchant asked him to come to the dock tomorrow.

The next day, they met on the pier, boarded the ship, and sailed toward the island. Of course, the rich merchant did not remember John, as there were 99 young men before him! The rich man received the young man at his house, and they spent the first day happily. The next day, the worker and his master went to work, and when they arrived at the Golden Mountain, the merchant said to the young man, “Before anything else, take a drink.” The young man said, “Wait, sir, you are the boss and you must drink first. Let me serve you until you are satisfied with me.” The young man had already prepared some soothing drink, mixed it with wine, and presented it to his teacher.

As soon as the rich merchant drank the wine, he went to sleep. After that, John killed a large sheep, opened its belly, and put the merchant inside it. Then he sewed the sheep up and hid himself among the trees. Immediately the black crows with iron beaks came; She carried the sheep with the sleeping merchant inside it and took it to the top of the mountain. When the merchant woke up, he looked around and said, “Where am I?”

The young man replied, “You are at the top of the golden mountain. In order to get down from it, you must dig and take down the gold first.” The rich merchant was forced to obey, so he dug and dug and rolled the gold down the mountain, and the young man filled the carts with gold.

The young man shouted: That's enough. Thank you very much. Goodbye. The rich merchant said, "What about me?" The young man replied, "You can do whatever you want. Ninety-nine men have already died before you." With your death today, the number will become one hundred. After that, the young man took the gold carts and went to the rich merchant’s palace and married the merchant’s beautiful daughter. The merchant’s daughter became mistress of all her father’s properties, and John and his family moved and lived in the golden palace.

What about the arrogant rich merchant?

He became like many of his victims; Prey of black crows with iron beaks.

The end 

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