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The story of a naughty dog

The story of a naughty dog

The father asked his son Ronnie while he was holding the daily newspaper in his left hand to read: ((What gift do you prefer over others on your birthday, my son?)) Ronnie immediately answered him: ((I want a dog of my own, father.)) Then he went and sat on the bench. The arm of the chair on which his father sits. Then his father turned to him and said: “You want a dog? I don’t know what your mother thinks?” Then his mother raised her head from the dress she was wearing and said: “I think it is a good idea, and there is no harm in Ronnie getting a pampered pet, and the dog helps us in protecting him.” Home too.)) “Well, you'll have a dog of your own on your birthday,” said the father, spreading the paper. “You'll be eight, won't you? You're growing very fast.”

Ronnie shouted: ((Hurray! Hurrah!)) and started jumping upside down on the sofa (somersaulting). Ronnie's birthday fell on a Saturday, so they were all able to go to the market and pick out a dog. There they saw all kinds of dogs, young and old. The father saw a big-headed dog and wanted to buy it, but the mother convinced him that it did not look good. The mother picked out a greyhound, but Ronnie ran to his parents, carrying a small black lump on his arm, and said excitedly to his parents: “Will you let me take this little dog? I liked it more than all the other dogs.” Then he showed them the puppy (the little dog). The little house, with its bright eyes in its black woolly face

Ronnie's parents saw that the puppy was a good fit for them, and soon it became Ronnie's. They took him with them in the car, and he sat on Ronnie's knee, and licked his face repeatedly. When they got home, Ronnie's mother prepared a large basket and rug for the puppy. Ronnie begged his parents to let him let the puppy sleep in his room, and he was very pleased when they allowed him to do so.

Then the father said: “What name do you suggest we give him?” The mother said: “I think the name “Rex” is okay.” Ronnie said: “This name does not suit him at all, and I think his black wool makes me choose His name is “Som.”) His parents said, “You made a good choice, Ronnie. We will only call him “Som” from now on.)

Som thought about the happiness that overwhelmed him while he was in his beautiful basket, and after a while he slept very comfortably. In the middle of the night, he woke up and found himself alone in his basket. He jumped into the bed of his little master, Ronnie, who was sleeping, and approached his feet, very happy. The bed cover was soft like silk, and he liked it very much, and he began to lick it continuously, until he made a large hole in it, and after that he slept deeply until the morning. When Ronnie's mother saw what Som had done to the bedspread in the morning, she rubbed his ears and put him back in his basket so he wouldn't do something like that again.

Som went down to the first floor of the house with his young master to have breakfast. He asked him to sit on the carpet near the fireplace, but he barely saw the milkman opening the garden door when he attacked him, barking loudly. The milkman laughed a lot, until he stumbled while climbing the stairs and broke one of the milk bottles, causing it to spill in all directions. Then Som chased a cat in the garden, and did not listen to Ronnie and his father calling for him, and after that he started wandering here and there, and they did not arrest him until he had cut off the heads of many lilies (a type of flower). Ronnie slapped him with his hand so that he would never do something like that again.

Ronnie's mother sighed, saying, "What a shame! He's made a hole in the bedspread, spilled the milk, and bombed the lilies. I hope he quickly learns everything we ask him to do."

Ronnie's father agreed with her and said: ((I hope so, and sorry for my lilies.)) But Som did not learn to obey orders, and he began to do everything he wanted, the way he wanted, without listening to any warning or caution. The father said: ((We must beat him until he learns.)) Ronnie said to him while hugging his beloved dog: ((I hope you do not hurt him by hitting him, Dad!)) His father replied: ((I will hit him hard enough to make him remember the beating, so that he will not come back To his annoying works.))

Som went with Ronnie the next day for a walk in the countryside. They saw one of the farmer's dogs leading the cows to the barn to be milked, so Som thought he could do the same to the sheep on the other side of the road. So he crept under the big door, and started jumping here and there, without ever calming down. He barked and roared until he frightened the poor sheep who did not know what to do. Within moments, some of them were in the hole, some of them had broken through the fence and were on the road, and the remaining sheep were running here and there like crazy. Ronnie called him many times in a loud voice, but Sum pretended not to hear him. Then an angry farmer came from the farmyard, and he and Ronnie were able to arrest Sum. This time, the farmer beat him painfully, then Ronnie took him home, and he was very angry with him.

Som returns home, covered in mud from the hole and the farm floor, which makes Ronnie's mother think he needs a bath. So she prepared a wooden bowl for him, containing a little hot water and soap suds. When he put a poison in it, he initially resisted it; Because he did not want all his wool to get wet. But he quickly got used to it, and when a little soap foam got into his eye, he felt pain, so he jumped from the mouth and fled to the kitchen. Ronnie's mother said to him, "Come here, Som! Come here." But he pretended not to hear, and disappeared into the living room.

“I'm afraid he's going to jump on my new pillows,” Ronnie's mother shouted, but fortunately for her, she arrived just in time, before Som reached for one of the pillows on the armchair. Then Ronnie's mother took him in her hand, and said to him: ((Oh! Why don't you obey us? You are more disobedient than any dog I have ever known. I must remove the soap suds from you.)) So Sum was brought back to the kitchen, and Ronnie grabbed him with all his might, while she His mother pours water on the puppy to remove the soap from him, then takes him out of the bottle, and rubs his wool with a towel until it dries completely.

Ronnie's mother said to his father that evening: ((It is very unfortunate that I am busy all day at home, while you are at work, and Ronnie is at school, and we do not have time to train Som as he should be trained. Look where he is now.)) So the three hurried To the window, they saw Som close to the beehives. He was trying to look through a small door into one of her cells. Then Ronnie's father called him loudly, "Come here, you ugly puppy. You're going to get stung by the bees now." Then he said, "I tried my best to teach him to stay away from the beehives, but it didn't work. I have to go bring him home."

But before Omar's father could jump out of the window. He heard Som howl in pain, and ran toward the house with a soft groan. Ronnie shouted, following his father, saying: ((Poor Som! His nose was stung!)) Then he and his mother put something on his nose to relieve the pain of the sting, and his little nose was very swollen. Som was very sad for himself, and went to his basket and lay down in it, but the pain in his nose did not last long, which made him feel happy and lively again.

They all couldn't help but love Sum, even though his extreme disobedience bothered them. He was not a very good pet dog; Because he welcomed every visitor except the postman and the milkman, at whom he barked loudly.

One day, an old woman visited them. Ronnie's mother knew that she did not care much for dogs, so she put Som in the kitchen and asked him to stay there. When she opened the door to leave, she said to him: “Stay where you are.” But Som left before her with lightning speed. He rushed into the living room and saw the visitor, so he rushed to greet her, turned the teacup over and poured what was in it onto her dress.

Ronnie's father said after the visitor had gone: “There is only one solution to Som's problem, which is to return him to the place he came from, so that he can be well trained and learn how to be obedient. Slapping him did not teach him anything. In any case, I do not like slapping him. )) Ronnie asked him, as he lifted Sum to his knee: ((Oh, father! Will he be away from us for a long time?)) His father answered him: ((He will be gone for about a month, and I am sorry, son, but he must go.)) Then Sum returned to The place he came from, despite his nose; Because he hated leaving the house. The farewell between him and Ronnie was sad. And Ronnie said to him: ((Hurry up, and learn to be good.)) So he licked his little master's hands, as if trying to say to him: ((I will be good.))

He was placed in one of the kennels in a row, each with its own enclosure. Som spoke to the two dogs on both sides of him, and they told him that the men who taught them were nice, but all the dogs had to work very hard. So Sum asked them: ((Do they slap them?)) and they answered him: ((Yes! They slap us if we do not do as they want.)) Sum felt very lonely, and he went to sleep on the floor of his house, wishing that he would wake up and find himself in his basket.

His lessons started the next morning, and he didn't like them very much. They made him run and stand when they gave him the signal, come quickly when called, and lie down when they ordered him to do so. He would get tired when the lessons ended and prepare for the lunch that was given to him. Then he lay down on the straw and thought about Ronnie. He wanted to return to him from the bottom of his heart. He wished very much to return home again.

He continued like this for about a week, and he began to find pleasure in his lessons. He decided that it was better for him to obey and be pampered rather than disobey and be punished. This made him feel psychologically comfortable. But he always wanted Ronnie and his house.

Finally, Sum couldn't bear to be separated from his master, Ronnie, so he ran away. When they called him to come back to them, he did not listen to them at all, and began to run and run across the three fields as fast as he could, until he came to a narrow alley. "I know I'm not doing it the way you taught me, but this is the last time I disobey an order," he said to himself, panting. "I have to go back to Ronnie." Then he stood motionless in the alley, looked around intently, thought for a while, and then set off to find his way home. He has had two accidents. The first is that some boys tried to arrest him, because he was a cute dog, and the second is that a boy almost ran him over with his bike, but he was so smart and so alert that he wasn't hurt.

Finally, after the sun had set and darkness had fallen, he found the road where he used to live, and he ran down it as fast as he could. Then he stopped suddenly, and said to himself: “Suppose they are angry with me because I ran away, and they send me back to where I came from. So it is better that I enter the house without Someone would see me, and if I could then see Ronnie, I was likely to be safe)) Som waited near the back door, and succeeded in getting into the house, while Ronnie's mother was putting the milk bottles outside. She did not see it because its black color does not appear in the dark. He hurried to the living room and hid under one of the large chairs.

Ronnie's parents started closing the doors and windows, so Sum knew they were getting ready for bed. Ronnie must have been asleep a long time ago, his bedroom door must be closed, and there was no point in thinking of seeing him before morning. Then Som heard footsteps coming up the stairs, so he crept under the chair and lay down on the carpet in front of the fire, which was about to go out.

“It's good to be home again!” Som said to himself, sighing. “I hope they'll let me stay. I wish I could go up and see Ronnie!”) Then he lay down and closed his eyes. Then he repeated his speech to himself, saying: ((How nice it is to return home again!)) and after that he slept a deep, restful sleep.

Som suddenly woke up, raised his head, and sniffed and sniffed with his nose. He smelled a strange smell, a very strange smell, which he did not like at all, so he jumped up and ran to the kitchen, and found a red ember on the carpet, from which smoke was coming out, and the smell was the smell of burning. Som thought, and said to himself: ((Oh, how terrible! How terrible! What should I do now? I know.)) Then he climbed the stairs to the upper floor with lightning speed, and went to Ronnie's parents' bedroom. He started scratching the door with his claws, howling loudly, and continuing to scratch and howl loudly.

Moments later, Ronnie's father came out wearing his favorite robe, and Ronnie's mother came out behind him, wearing her favorite. At the same time, Ronnie rushed out of his bedroom, wearing his pajamas. They all shouted in one voice: ((Hey Sum! How did you get into the house?)) Then Ronnie's father smelled the smell of burning, so he went down to the first floor three steps together, then Ronnie's mother hurried down after him, and Ronnie followed them after carrying a fence in his arms. They found the kitchen rug on fire, but Ronnie's father quickly extinguished it with a bucket of water; Then remove the water with a broom. Then they thought about how Som had gotten into the house, and fortunately for them, he had been there during the burning.

"He must have escaped," said Ronnie, "but aren't we fortunate that he has come back to us?" Then he hugged Som tightly, while Rom began licking Ronnie's face all over, and licking (moving his tail) very quickly.

"Yes, lucky for us," his parents said, tickling Som's chin, "but I'm afraid he hasn't learned much in just one week." "It's lucky he's here." Ronnie's mother said. She picked up Som, took him to her son Ronnie's bedroom, then made tea, brought milk and biscuits for Ronnie and Som, and they all enjoyed a midnight feast. Then the very happy puppy, Sum, jumped into his basket, and the very happy boy, Ronnie, lay down on his bed. But Ronnie had hardly fallen asleep, when Som jumped to the end of his bed, to sleep close to his feet.

He said to himself: ((How nice it is to be home again!)) and this time he did not lick the bed cover, but slept peacefully until the morning. When Ronnie woke up, they played a fun game together. They played on and under the bed, and on the chairs, and then Sum ran away with one of Ronnie's shoes, and Ronnie threw the other one at him, and then they went down to eat breakfast. After Ronnie had finished his breakfast, he said that he thought Sum was an excellent pet dog; Because he actually saved the house from burning. His mother said to him, “He is a faultless dog, and we will not let him leave us any longer.” Then she gave Som a piece of toast. The father said: ((He did a great service for us last night, and if he had started obeying orders, I would have said that he was perfect, too.))

Just at that moment, Som jumped out of the window, broke through the fence that surrounded the garden of the house, and started chasing the chickens in the adjacent field. Ronnie's father said to him in a loud voice: ((Come here, Sum! Come here, you're going to kill those chickens! Come here immediately!)) And he was most astonished when Sum turned around, ran back, entered the fence, and went to the window where he was. Ronnie, his mother, and his father looked at her, and he looked at them as if he was saying to them: ((Yes, do you want me?))

The parents looked at each other, and Ronnie danced around them, shouting, "He's learned to be good. He's learned to be good." Then he jumped out the window and went to his friend Som. Then Ronnie's father said, "It looks like He's learned, and that makes him completely flawless, doesn't it?) Ronnie's mother replied, "I think you're right about him. I'm very glad, because we chose Som over him, and because he's the dog that suits us." As for Ronnie and Som, they didn't They say something; Because they were busy rolling around in the grass, playing rough.

the end 

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