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Useful and wise article (story)

 Useful and wise article (story)

Purposeful and useful story
There were three fish (gold, white and blue) living in a lake and playing with each other. They were good friends and cooperated with each other in most things, such as eating, cleaning, and helping other fish.
There was a shark 🦈 in the lake trying its best to catch one of these three fish in particular, but all of the shark's attempts failed. Despite his strength, speed, large size, and ferocity, he was unable to catch a single fish from the three fish united together. .
After several failed attempts, the shark went to the octopus and told him that I had been trying to catch one of these three fish for a long time, but to no avail. Notice that I fish the same lake every day, but when I chase one of the three fish...
They unite, evade me, disperse my attacks, and I grow tired of the long chase
Do you have a solution, Octopus
The octopus said yes, you have to separate them
But how, said the shark
“I'll show you how,” said the octopus
First you go to the goldfish and say to it: You are a very beautiful and special goldfish, and your color is rare. Why do you underestimate yourself and your dazzling beauty and play with the white and blue fish
She was deceived by the shark's words, and she became arrogant and proud. She moved away from her friends and continued playing alone. The shark thought that the octopus had succeeded, so it chased the goldfish, caught it, and devoured it
After that, he went to the white fish and said to it the same thing he said to the gold fish. By doing this, she grew arrogant and moved away from her friend, the blue fish, and the rest remained playing on their own. The shark attacked and preyed on it, and so the rest of the blue fish were left alone, so they chased and preyed on them just as they prey on their friends
The shark returned to the octopus to tell him that the idea had actually worked
The octopus said: Certainly the idea will succeed, because there is strength in unity, and in order to make this strength weaker and weaker, you must divide this union

Here we say that unity is strength,,
,,And divide and conquer

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