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How to be cute and attractive

 How to be cute and attractive

People love a person who is compassionate and has a good heart, but the external appearance is also admired by others, as obtaining admiration requires that the person pay attention to what is inside him, but it is important for the person to maintain his external appearance so that it is acceptable and has a beautiful smell, in addition to wearing clothes appropriate to the body shape. It should not be too wide or too narrow, in addition to taking care of yourself and taking care of your appearance by following a healthy diet that contains more fruits and proteins, as this has an impact on obtaining a healthy body and radiant skin, in addition to sleeping eight or nine hours every night. This makes A person is healthier, which makes him more attractive. In addition to exercising, feeling calm, and improving one’s mood, taking care of one’s external appearance also includes maintaining personal hygiene by bathing, brushing teeth, and keeping nails clean, in addition to following several tips through which a person can love his general appearance. A person should love his appearance, no matter what it is, if he is concerned about his cleanliness and external appearance and these are some tips


Looking into the eyes of others when talking to them indicates that he respects them and gives them his full attention. If this is difficult, you can look at the face from the lower section


Greeting the other party in a nice way, such as shaking hands, saying his name, and asking him how he is doing


Show respect when greeting others and shaking hands with a slight smile. This will make the person opposite feel optimistic about you


Sit relaxed with others and leave the mobile phone aside, to show your interest in him and your respect for him sitting with you

We are now heading to the first meeting, which is a very important meeting for every human being

The first impression has a great impact on a person being kind, and this makes the person who wants to be kind be more attentive to the first seconds of meeting people, through a comfortable handshake, a smile, and speaking in a positive tone, and reducing the distance between you and the person you are talking to

Be a person who does not criticize yourself or others, because this makes people around you revolt

Be a happy person and do not be pessimistic, but rather be happy and keep everything bad only inside yourself or with your life partner only and do not show it to others

Don't try to make yourself perfect at everything. Conversely, a lack of perfectionism makes others more comfortable dealing with you

Do not pretend because a nice person knows herself well, is happy and satisfied with it, so she does not pretend in front of people, which will make people love her. People love honest people and are attracted to them. He knows their nature inside out, so this has the effect of making people trust that character. Therefore, whoever wants to be kind and gentle must be himself without fear of what others think of him, and behave well and be open with them

A person who wants to be kind must be social, and try to build sincere relationships with people, without resorting to social media, and deal directly with people, hold conversations with them, and listen to them well without interrupting them. If the person speaking is an important person. Very, but you can ask them questions to clarify things and this makes you make good friends

This is advice from my personal experience in life

A person should reduce sitting on the phone, TV, and computer, and go out with friends and family at least once a week, and this will make you more social and more experienced in life

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