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A realistic story useful for the family

A realistic story useful for the family


This is a real story that happened in the state of Iraq 🇮🇶

In one of the densely populated Iraqi cities, as we know, Arabs living next to each other are mostly friends with each other. Arabs live very social lives with residents of the same area or residential neighborhood.

They communicate with each other daily, such as sitting together for dinner, evening meals, and so on

There was a person called Abu Ali and his family consisted of a wife, son, and daughter. His daughter, Rose, was 8 years old. Abu Ali’s house had a neighbor called Abu Salem, and his family consisted of a wife and son. His wife was pregnant and about to give birth, and their relationship with each other was good.

Salem’s mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and as we know, after giving birth, leaving the hospital and going home, it is custom and tradition to visit friends and relatives to check on the mother’s health after giving birth and to congratulate the arrival of the new baby girl.

One day, her neighbor, Abu Ali’s wife, accompanied by her daughter, Rose, visited her, and while they were sitting together, the child, Rose, asked the mother of the newborn child to carry the newborn girl, so she stood up and placed her child in the hands of the child, Rose.

When the newborn baby was in the hands of baby Rose, the baby fell from her hands and died instantly as a result of this fall.

As we know very well, the bones of newborn babies are so soft that they cannot withstand any fall, pressure, or sudden movement.

But is it reasonable for any mother to place her newborn daughter in the hands of another child?

Here I want to say some very important advice through my inquiries that I made and my research with some pediatric specialists, some mothers, and my experience in life

 It is preferable that no one who is not a doctor or a mother of children and has previous experience with children carry my child.

 Men’s hands are 90% somewhat fossilized and their pressure is somewhat strong, as this affects the bones of newborns.

There is no need for anyone to hold your child except a doctor or nurse

 When his father wants to carry him, this must be done with your help

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it

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