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True story (a woman destroyed many men)

 True story (a woman destroyed many men)

A true story of a woman who destroyed the lives of many men


Here we tell you the story of a woman that happened in the Emirates

We will give fictitious names to the people in the story

Nawal and Adam

At the beginning of 2022, Nawal traveled from Morocco to the Emirates on a work visa in a salon. Nawal was very beautiful, and when most of the men saw her, they stared at her for a long time

After a short period, Nawal met a person named Adam and fell in love with him

Adam was living in the United States and came to the UAE to open his own business

After a while of their love for each other, Adam married Nawal

During the marriage period, Adam noticed that his wife spent long periods of time working, noting that Adam would often tell her that his income was good and that there was no need for her to work, but to no avail. She insisted on working in a salon, and after several times when Nawal was late from home and claimed to be at work, Adam decided to keep an eye on her, and after watching her. For several days, he discovered that she had been cheating on him with other well-known businessmen in the area. Adam then decided not to tell her that he found out she was cheating on him

Rather, in a short period of time, he completed all his affairs related to his project without her knowledge. He sold his share in the project, completed all the necessary and important matters, and suddenly left without returning. A few days after Adam discovered his wife's infidelity, Adam traveled to the United States and left her a message in which he said: "I watched you and knew that you were in love." You betray me and I know that your love for me is nothing but the love of possession, and I will leave without returning

When Nawal read the letter, she collapsed and was hospitalized for several days

They discovered that she was infected with AIDS through tests. Nawal was shocked by this disease that afflicted her, and when she left the hospital, she decided to take revenge on all men in order to spread AIDS to them. She was sleeping with well-known businessmen with a high standing in society and filming videos of them while they were sleeping with her with the aim of provoking them and asking them for money in exchange for covering up the videos. A short while later, one of the businessmen went to the hospital due to his deteriorating health condition. Through tests, doctors discovered that he was infected with AIDS, and here the search for Nawal began. The businessman informed the police about Nawal and her provocation against him, and that Nawal was the one who transmitted AIDS to him

After a short period of collecting evidence and sending messages to the men with whom she had an intimate relationship, she stated that she was infected with AIDS, and she knew that she was infected with AIDS, and yet she published it.

Nawal was arrested, and during the investigation, Nawal said: “I was taking revenge because my husband left me alone, and I must take revenge by spreading this disease to the largest number of men.” After that, she was referred to the judiciary.

This is the end of the story

I would like to say that when a man or woman proposes for marriage, they should know well that the man must protect his wife and the woman must protect her husband When they see that the relationship after marriage has deteriorated, they can resort to divorce, not betrayal

I hope you enjoyed the story and benefited from it

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