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How to make delicious spinach pies

How to make delicious spinach pies


Here I will present to you the best way to make spinach at home easily

First, we buy three kilos of spinach, wash them well, then cut the spinach branches. After cutting the spinach branches, we wash the spinach well again.

Then cut the spinach and put it in a bowl aside

Now we prepare the onions according to the quantity we want to prepare. For example, the amount of spinach is 1 kilo. Cut and chop two medium-sized onions.

After that, we take the onions and put them with the spinach, then we bring the olive oil and put a little olive oil, then mix them well.

After that, we squeeze lemon juice on the spinach and onions to give it some acidity, and put the fish seasoning on the spinach and onions and mix them well.

Now the spinach is completely ready

Prepare the dough. It is preferable to form the dough into medium-sized triangles as shown in the title picture, and put the spinach in the dough, and then put it in the oven for 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the degree of browning you desire. Then we take it out of the oven and enjoy eating it.

Note: You can prepare portions of spinach pies and place them in the refrigerator

When you need to eat it after a day, two or three days, you can take it out of the refrigerator, heat it, and it will be ready to eat again.

I hope you learned how to make delicious spinach pancakes

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