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The young man and the old man (action and horror story)

The young man and the old man (action and horror story) 

There was a young man who traveled between countries and villages to learn about the  cultures and customs of other peoples, and to learn new hobbies

The young man found traveling a pleasure. Although he was exposed to many difficulties, he felt a passion to learn about all Western myths and stories

One day, the young man decided to go to the cursed palace, and accordingly he prepared all his food and clothing needs, and prepared large quantities of water sufficient to last him the entire trip

The young man prepared his luggage and left his house, heading to the valley. While walking on the road, he passed through small villages and saw the nature of their habitation and desert life

The young man found different animals walking among the fields and plants, and he felt very excited to go to the palace

When the young man approached the city where the palace was located, he found the area very dark, and all the residents in a state of sadness, and he kept walking until he reached the palace door

The young man looked at the place and found frightening statues at the palace gate, sitting majestically as if they were standing guard over the area

The young man entered, and as soon as he put his foot in the place, he felt a strange movement in the palace, which made him slow down his walk

The young man found a hedgehog moving next to him, so his anxiety calmed down, so he continued wandering around the palace, and suddenly he heard a loud screaming sound

The young man quickly ran towards the source of the sound to find out what was happening, but he found nothing, which worried him greatly The young man looked out the palace window to find a man walking in the palace garden, so he headed towards learning the story of the place

Young man: Good evening, I was walking around the place and saw the palace. Is it sold

The man replied: You are a stranger to the city. Go back to his house, boy

The young man was amazed at the man’s words, left him, and returned to the hut he was in in the town

The next morning, the young man went out to the market and started wandering among the people. Then he entered a clothing store and started talking to the merchant

The young man was asked about the secret of the palace's secret. The merchant said that there are many legends about this place

It was said that the palace is cursed and contains ghosts that refuse to leave it, so no one can sit in the place. Others believe that the missing princess is chained in the palace

The young man talked about the sounds he heard in the place, and the merchant explained that those secrets were as mysterious as the secret of the palace

The young man decided to go again to the palace, but this time he kept watching the place from afar and found that one of the men was doing some tricks to prevent anyone from entering the palace

The young man searched for the truth of the matter to learn that the palace would become an inheritance if the grandfather did not fail to offer it for rent, so the grandson invented these legends and expelled all the people under the pretext of the presence of ghosts and that the palace was cursed

The end

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