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Hotel owner(Mysterious stories)

(Mysterious stories)Hotel owner

The hotel owner tells the story

 In one of the isolated international hotels, one day in April, a customer came to the hotel owner and asked him: Is room number 40 empty? The hotel owner replied, yes, it is empty. He asked if I could book it for just one night
He answered yes!! He actually booked the room and went up to it, but before he went up, he asked the hotel owner for a black knife
A white silk thread 40 cm long
One orange weighs 75 grams
The hotel owner was surprised by the strange requests, but he brought them to him and went up to the room and did not ask for food, drink, or anything else.
Unfortunately, the hotel owner's room is adjacent to room 40
And after midnight
The hotel owner heard very, very strange sounds inside the room
It was as if they were the sounds of predatory animals, and the sounds of crushing and beating were heard
He felt as if the room had become a pile of ash
At night, he thought about what was happening inside room 40
In the morning, before the customer leaves...
The hotel owner asked to inspect the room before leaving, and the hotel owner actually went up to the room
But he found everything as it was, the silk thread in its place, the orange as it was, and the knife in its place
The customer paid double the night's bill and tipped more than the room bill
A year passed
The hotel owner had forgotten the whole matter
On one day in April of the following year, the hotel owner was surprised by the same man
When he saw him, he remembered what happened last year
The customer requested room number 40 and asked for a black knife, a silk thread 40 cm long, and an orange weighing 75 grams.
The hotel owner decided to watch to find out what was happening
Indeed, the hotel owner stayed up all night waiting
After midnight, the same sounds he heard last year began
He heard the same cracking and banging, but this time the sounds were louder
They were vague, incomprehensible sounds
in the morning
The customer left and the account was doubled
The hotel owner kept wondering about these sounds and the choice of room number 40
?And about the weight of an orange, and the length of a silk thread, and about serenity
?He kept waiting all year for the first day of April
Indeed, on the morning of the first day of April of the third year
The same customer came and asked for the same things...and the same room
The hotel owner stayed up late and heard the same sounds, but this time they were much stronger than last year.
In the morning, before the customer left, and when he came to pay the bill
The hotel owner told him: I want to know the secret
He said: If I tell you the secret, promise not to tell anyone at all
The hotel owner said I promise I won't
Tell anyone no matter what
He said, "You swear by it."
The hotel owner told him
i swear
And indeed
Hotel owner He hasn't told anyone the secret yet

The end

Even I don't know the secret yet because he's the one telling the story

I hope you enjoyed

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