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The house is haunted (scary and mysterious stories)

The house is haunted

There are many events around us for which the human mind is unable to find a logical explanation. The lack of reasons and explanations for these events does not mean that they are preparations and imaginations as some claim, but there are events that are beyond nature

  Scary stories that actually happened and may express part of what is happening beyond nature

A frightening and mysterious story that happened in an American region in the year 1890

One of the residents moved to a new place, as the house he was living in had become very difficult for him and his children. He had a wife and six male children, and he actually arrived at a place more than nine hundred kilometers away from his first place, and there he acquired a large plot of land that contained a group of Men like him in the place trying to rebuild it, they all decided to create their own town as soon as possible

From a young age, the man was accustomed to hard work, but nothing affected him as he worked day and night chopping down trees, extracting firewood from them, and building a house for his children. Indeed, before the end of the first year of his arrival, he was able to build a huge house consisting of two floors, and he loved mingling with others and talking to them. So he and his family were one of the most famous families ever

After he finished building his house, he found many requests from the rest of the people to build houses for them, so he made it his business, and after that he manufactured more than one boat and made it a business with his children to bring all the residents’ necessities and sell them to them, and thus life flourished with him and his children. He was not satisfied with that only, but he cultivated all The vast lands that were around his house; One day he heard a strange sound in the cornfields. He approached the source of the sound and found it was a great black dog with very frightening features, as if he had been injured in an accident that had shattered all the bones in his face. The dog was fixating its gaze on the man, who was not afraid of anything. He approached little by little the strange black dog. Then he felt something strange inside himself, and finally he fired from the weapon he was holding in his hands, and the dog disappeared from before his eyes, escaping. When the man reached the place where the dog was lying, it was normal at that time for him to see the corn destroyed, but he found it normal in a frightening way, and he turned his gaze to the ground. He wanted evidence of the dog's footprints, but he did not find it either! A thousand question marks were drawn inside his brain about what happened. He returned home, but he was in a miserable state

He returned to his house, but he could not get out of his mind what he saw before his eyes in the cornfields. On the same night at the house, someone was coming and knocking on the door of the house, and as soon as one of the people of the house answered him, they found that he had disappeared. This incident was repeated every night, to the point that they began to swear among themselves to find out who Active, but to no avail; Anxiety began to confuse everyone in the house until the second strange thing came to them. As soon as they slept, they heard someone sighing in a weak voice under the bed as if he was dying, and as soon as they put their feet on the floor to find the source of the sound, they did not find anything at all. All of these things were disturbing them greatly and making life difficult for their souls. Despite all the strange things they found in the house, they never decided to leave it

The man became one of the eccentrics. After he was a man who loved to talk to others, he became isolated even from his family. He was always sitting in his bedroom, looking at the wall there with his eyes. He ate less and talked less, and all his family became worried about him. One day, while his eldest daughter went out to the courtyard of the house to collect eggs in the basket, as was her daily habit, she saw a very beautiful woman from behind, so the daughter began following her to find out what she wanted, but she found her entire body slow to pass by her, and despite the daughter’s loud voice, this beautiful, strange woman did not She paid attention to her, and as soon as she passed by her, she found her beautiful hair falling over her face to the point that she could not distinguish her features from afar. The daughter ran into the house and locked it tightly behind her, and went up to the top floor to inspect the woman’s reality. She found that she had frightening features, and as soon as the eldest daughter’s eyes were in the woman’s eyes, She went crazy, so she started pulling her hair, cutting it off, and throwing it on the ground beneath her feet. The eldest daughter started screaming in horror at what she saw of the strange actions of this woman. Her sister ran towards her, and she saw everything her eldest sister saw

Three of her sons came to the woman and grabbed her and headed to a giant tree in the courtyard of the house and started swinging on it. The eldest son came to the house and his sister pointed to him to show him what was happening in their house, but the surprise was that he could not see the woman and her sons except the two daughters!

One day, the father insisted on leaving the house, and his eldest son took him in a wheelchair due to his severe pain. He ordered his son to take him to the same place where the strange dog had gone, and there the man had convulsions throughout his entire body, which had become emaciated since the accident that occurred. He saw her. As a result of the convulsions, his eyes opened and bulged out of their places. He started pointing with his hand at something he saw in front of him, and his heart stopped beating at that time

The entire house became a nightmare, and after ten years, the children and mother finally decided to leave it and never return. Everyone felt something strange about the house, as if it had become filled with evil spirits that would not calm down unless its residents left, as happened with the father. They left it and the entire place and headed to their old house. No one knew whether they continued their lives normally after that or not

The end

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