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Stories to benefit from(Adam and Selina)

 (Adam and Selina)

In a crowded city, there lived a young man named Adam, who had just graduated from college and was struggling to find a job in his field. He spent months sending out resumes and going to job interviews, but nothing worked

One day, while walking through the city, Adam saw a sign in the window of a house that said “Helper Wanted.” He decided to check it out, even though he knew it might just be another dead-end job

But when he entered the house and asked its owner about work, he found that the job was in a small library. The owner, a nice man in his fifties named Mr. Mac, was looking for someone to help him run the bookstore. After a short talk, Mr. Mack hired young Adam immediately, and the latter began his work in the library the next day

At first, Adam was skeptical about the job. He had always dreamed of working in the field he graduated from, not selling long fiction, books, and school supplies. But as he spent more time in the library, he began to fall in love with it

He admired the new books, the sound of the pages turning, and the conversations he had with customers, and weeks and months passed and Adam grew accustomed to his work and loved it

One day, a young woman came to the library looking for a specific book. Adam helped her find it and noticed that it was a blind girl. While fulfilling her request, Adam had a conversation with her. Her name was Selina, and she was a story writer. They talked about books and writing, and Adam advised her to read long stories with lessons from new authors.

As the weeks passed, Selina continued to come to the library, and Adam continued to meet her and rush to help her, fulfill her requests, and provide her with new information from the library. Adam realized he was falling in love with Selena, and she felt the same way

Then, after thinking, Adam went to Mr. Mac and asked him about Selina. The latter told him that she was a nice young woman from a good family, who had been writing long fiction stories and visiting the library for years since she was young. Adam expressed to the bookstore owner his desire to propose to Selina, and Mr. Mac was very happy to hear the wonderful news

Weeks later, Adam proposed to Selena, and the latter agreed, happy with the good young man with whom she would spend the rest of her life. Only a few months passed until the two got married and lived under the same roof, beginning a new phase of their lives.

Then young Adam started working on a project of his own. He decided to open a small publishing company, focusing on encouraging emerging writers to publish new long-form fantasy stories written for adults. He invested all his time and energy into the project, and with Selina's help and support, the ambitious young man worked tirelessly to make his dream a reality

Months later, their hard work paid off. The publishing company was successful and published many books, most of which were well received by critics and readers. Adam and Selena were very happy

the end

Looking back, Adam realizes that if he had gotten his dream job out of college, he wouldn't have found Mr. Mac's bookstore or met Selina. He realized that sometimes, things that seem like setbacks are actually new and valuable opportunities

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