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The story of the smart deer

The story of the smart deer

 One day the lions started attacking and eating the animals in the forest, so the animals moved to the neighboring forests to live in safety.

The deer sat there sadly, thinking of her friend, the horse Sefrot ,and continued to search for him until she learned that he lived in a very nearby town. The deer came to him to stay as a guest for two days.

When I knocked on the door, Sefrot said: Who is at the door?

She said: I am your friend, the deer.

Sefrot: Hello and welcome, my dear friend. I missed you very much. How did you know where it was?

The Deer: I asked about you a lot until I knew where you were.

Sefrot: You're welcome, my dear.

The deer came in and there was a long conversation between her and her friend Sefrot. Sefirot went out and brought him delicious food. She ate until she was full. Then he asked him: Who are your neighbors in this place?

Sefrot: Next to me lives the monkey Yozi, on the other side the tiger Solo and in front of me the cunning wolf.

The deer was very afraid and said: Does the wolf live in front of you?!

Sefirot: Fear not, my friend. I made him promise never to attack my friends again.

The deer sat down and thought and said to himself: What would I do if a wolf came to eat me?

The deer got up and looked out the window and found the wolf looking at her and drooling. Then she knew he wanted to eat her, so she got up and closed the windows and doors. So that the wolf could not penetrate her, and after a long conversation between the deer and her friend Sefrot, the deer fell asleep.

Suddenly he heard a loud knock on the door and said: Who is knocking on the door?

Wolf: I am your neighbor, the wolf, and I have come to see you.

The deer said: I will not open the door for you until I ask permission from Sefrot.

Wolf: Sefrot would be very happy to know that I have come to you.

The Deer: Whatever happens, I won't open the door now.

The wolf began to think about how he could get to this deer and eat it.

At the same time, the deer sat and thought about how to escape from this cunning wolf. After much thought, the deer came up with a cunning trick with which she could get rid of the cunning wolf and at the same time not cause trouble for her dear friend, the horse Sefrot.

The deer went in the morning and bought a sheath that looked like a tiger's skin at the market. When the wolf came to hunt the deer at night, she stood up and put the tiger's skin on her body.

When the wolf came to her and saw the tiger's skin, she thought that the tiger had come here, so she trembled with fear and said: Where is the deer that was here?

The deer: There is no one in the house except the tiger, who is in front of you, and if you don't go, I will have dinner with you now.

Wolf: I'm going, sir, but where is the deer?

The deer imitated the tiger's voice and said, "The deer went to my house and I came in his place.

"Then the wolf left and went to the tiger's house. I thought the deer was there.

When he entered the tiger's house, he found the real tiger there and thought that the deer would be his food that night.

The tiger became very angry and grabbed the wolf and said to him: What brings you here? How did you get into my house without my permission?

The wolf said, trembling with fear: The tiger told me that the deer is here and I am very hungry, so I came to eat it.

Tiger: I am also very hungry for two days and you will be my food tonight. Before the wolf could say a word, the tiger jumped at him and devoured him.

In the morning Sefrot came to check the deer's condition and told him what had happened. He was very happy and thanked God for granting salvation to his friend the deer.

The deer got up, said goodbye to her friend Sefrot and went back to her family, who were waiting impatiently for her.

the end

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