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The story of a poor village boy

The story of a poor village boy

One day there was a very poor village on the edge of the forest and a boy named Alex left his house.

He gathered fruit to eat. He saw that the trees bore no fruit, and he walked, not knowing where his feet would take him. He went and looked for something to eat or fruit until it got dark.

He hadn't moved forward until he collided with a big, huge tree. He became aware of what was around him and told himself that he was in a place he had never been to and where he had not found any fruit, but he was tired of looking for fruit and had to immediately disappear from the forest.

But how do you get out when the forest is very dark, so you have to wait until dawn and maybe find food in this forest so you can eat everything?

Suddenly Alex heard a noise under his feet, a cry for help, and he looked and saw a very deep hole from which this noise came.

The one who asked for help screamed and said: "For God's sake, save me, help me." Is there anyone who can hear me?

Alex couldn't see anything because this hole was very dark. Alex said: “Where does this sound come from?” This is the voice of a person who fell into a hole dug by hunters.

And the voice sounded again and said, "Take me out of this hole." He gave the man who took me a hundred gold coins, but after Alex heard what he heard, he didn't believe what he heard. He went to get the branch of the tree, which was long, stretched out his hand and said, “Hold it.

”He said to him, "I will withdraw you, but on condition that you give me what you promised me." He pulled the branch hard, felt the weight of the branch and stepped back.

Suddenly Alex shouted and became tense and angry: 

That's when he saw a huge wolf jump out of the hole and left the tree branch in shock at what he saw.

He said, “O my Lord, this is not even what a wolf promised me.”

But Alex heard a voice again, the voice of a human being inside the hole, saying, Sir, please take me out of here and I will give you two hundred pieces of gold.

Alex was surprised and said, “But who came out of the hole and who fell into it?”

Alex brought the tree branch and placed it inside the hole. He also left the tree branch when he felt the weight of the branch, and the surprise was more severe than the first surprise.

A huge monkey came out of the hole and disappeared as he exited the hole.

Alex stomped his feet to escape this strange place. He suddenly stopped when he heard the voice of another person saying, "Save me, brave man, and I will give you all my wealth."Alex said: "Who are you?" He said: "I am the richest people in the land and I will give you my wealth if you save me.

" After searching, Alex grabbed the branch and threw it into the hole.

When he leaned back firmly, the branch was heavy, and this time a man came out of the hole, thanked the pussy and hugged him.

Alex was happy this time when a person came out of the hole and waited for the promise that this man had made to him.

He dreamed of owning a palace, but decided to divide the wealth between him and the man.

Alex said to the man, "When will you give me your wealth as you promised me?" And the man said, "Tomorrow I will go to my palace in the green city.

The man went thinking that he did this and said this because of fear after he fell into the hole.

Alex slept happy and happy that he would take half of the rich man's wealth.

Early in the morning, Alex quickly went to the Green Palace, and the man received him with a warm welcome:

He told him that when he was in the hole he was afraid and death threatened him and he told him I will give you all my wealth. But I will give you only twenty gold coins.

But Alex refused to take these gold pieces and said, “No, you promised me this, and you must give me what you promised me.”

  And here I am, taking half of your wealth instead of all of it as you promised me.

The man said, “What is this generosity, Alex?” The man called to the guards, saying, “Take this man out of the palace.”

Alex came out and said, “I will go to the judge and take my rights from you.” In front of the judge, the rich man said, “I thank Alex for saving my life.”

But this does not mean that I give him all my wealth, but rather I give him twenty gold pieces.

But the judge told him to double the amount and pay him forty gold pieces.

Alex was not speaking and took the money, but he opened his hands to the sky and said, “You are a witness, my Lord, to what happened.”

Take my rights from this man

After Alex worked in the field of trade, his wealth multiplied significantly

As for the man, there were many depressions that had never struck the city before

It led to the ruin of his farms and lost much of his wealth

The man remembered Alex and deeply regretted that he did not give half of his wealth to Alex

the end

wisdom: To keep the promise and keep the covenant

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