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The king and three sons

The king and three sons

 The story goes that there was a king whom God blessed with three sons who lived with him in glory and bliss until they became men and knights that the enemy numbered a thousandfold. When his father grew old and could no longer bear the responsibility, he decided to take a rest and appoint one of his sons as king. However, the king was unsure who to make king since they were all young men. They were all wise and intelligent, so the king gathered them together and said to them,“Listen, my son. I am old and tired and want to rest and hand the kingdom over to one of you. What do you advise me? our older brother." The father said to them, "Your older brother says one of you, and you say his older brother."“And I have an opinion. They said: Is your opinion correct, father? He said: You three will travel, and each of you will bring something interesting and useful, and she will be the only one in the world, and after that we will decide which of you will be my successor in the kingdom.

They said they agreed, and the youngest of them said, on condition that we change our appearance so that we do not look like children of a king, and that we are ordinary. The brothers accepted this proposal, and each prepared a horse and some food and water, and each went to a place, and after a time the eldest brother arrived at his father's city of cities. A festival was held annually where types of wonders and curiosities were sold. Then he started strolling through the market until he met a man selling colored apples, each apple was a different color. The eldest son said to him: What kind of apples are these, man? Did you color them? The man said: No, it is natural and there is a tree that people in our city know. The son said: Are there trees in your city that produce colorful apples? The man said: Yes, and each one has a special taste. The king's son said: What a disgrace. I thought it was something strange. Then the man said: Like what? The king's son said: Something and I don't know it. Then the man said to him: I have a strange matter. He said: What is this?

He took out the person who was carrying an ordinary apple like any other apple and said: "This is the strangest thing." The king's son said: "But this is an ordinary apple!" The man said to him: This is an ordinary apple . Its advantage is that it heals the sick and cures all diseases. No sick person ate it unless he was healed, God willing. The king's son said to him: Is it for sale? The man said: Everything is for sale here. The king's son said: "How much?" The man said: It is a little expensive, and the king's son said: How much? The man said: It is worth one hundred thousand dinars in gold. The king's son said, "I will buy it." The man said to him, "Will you buy it for a hundred thousand dinars in gold?" The boy said: Yes, I will buy it. The king's son bought it and confirmed that he had found something incomparable in this world. The boy in the middle came to a town where carpets were made, so he began to go and turn the carpets one by one. He found nothing between them that caught his attention. When he was tired, he was sitting in the shade of a tree thinking, when a shepherd passed him. Then Sheep called the child and said to him: Will you sell me some milk? The man said to him: I will give you as much milk as you want, but I will not sell it to you. He said: Why?

The man said: Because you are a stranger in our city. So the man went and milked some of his goats and gave the milk to the boy. So the boy drank and then put ten gold dinars in the bowl. The man said to him: When I saw you, I respected you, and when I honored you, you insulted me. The boy said: God forbid, don't say that, man, but say: What is the reward for kindness? Except kindness. You have done me good because you can, and you have a flock of sheep, and I will repay you good because I can. The man said to him: You are not an ordinary person, nor are you one of the common people. “But your background is different.” The boy said: How am I different from others? The man said to him: Where do you come from with your words, your style and your wit and what brought you to this city? The boy said to him: I come from a distant land and have come here in search of something strange and strange that has no equal in this world. The man said: I have what you are looking for. The boy said to him: What is this thing? The man said, “I have a blanket against the wind,” and the boy said, “What?”The man said: The wind carpet is a carpet on which you can ride and fly wherever you want. The boy said: Where is he? I can see?

The man said: He is here and now you can see him, so come with me to my house. From today on you are my guest.” Then the man went home with the boy, took out the carpet and tried it on. The boy said: Is it for sale? The man said: Yes, it is for sale, but the price is high. Then the boy said: How much? The man said: For a hundred gold dinars. The boy said: And I bought it. The boy went out. He took one hundred gold dinars from the saddle of his horse, took the blanket, said goodbye to the shepherd and left. The youngest son came to a city famous for its glass industry. Everything in it was made of glass because people not only made glass, but were creative in it and in making it. Then he started walking around and watching. This is a beautiful art created by the people of this city. After a long walk, he entered one of the shops and asked for a drink of water. The shopkeeper brought him water in a strangely made glass vessel, and the king's son drank it. Then he put a gold coin in it and began to think about it, turning it left and right and looking at it. From everywhere the shopkeeper said to him: Do you like this pot?

The boy said: He looks strange. Is there anyone like him? The shopkeeper said: You, my son, are in the city of glass. If I wanted hundreds like him, I would find them." He said, "What a loss. The man said: What is the loss of finding hundreds like him? The boy said: Yes, one loss and a thousand losses. I thought I was the only one. The shopkeeper said to him: What do you mean? Did you come looking for something? The boy said, “Yes, I am looking for something unique, unparalleled in this world.” The man said, “But these things are expensive. Could you afford it if it were available? The boy said: “The price is not important. What’s important is what it is and where I can find it.”“The man said, Come with me to the house and you will find it, God willing. Then the king's little son went to the merchant's house, and there the merchant brought him a small box. When he opened it he found it inside A crystal charm that distinguished you by asking for what you wanted and seeing it before you, so the child took it and said to the man, "What is this?" , then he said to him. The Man: It's a magic crystal that shows you things while you sit there. The boy said: Can I try?

The man said: You can do that. What do you want to see? , touched him and found his brother on his horse. The man said to him: Is that enough for you? Then the boy said: How much does it cost? The man said the price was one hundred thousand dinars in gold, and the boy said to him: I will buy it from you. Then the boy paid the man the value of the crystal, took it and left his house. Then he went to his place of residence, took out his magic crystal from its hiding place and asked to visit his father. He saw his father when he was sick, and the clergy and doctors surrounded him. Then he wanted to see his elder brother and saw him riding his horse to his kingdom. Then he asked about his other brother and saw him also riding into his kingdom. So he mounted his horse and ran against the wind until he reached the middle. Brother, the owner of the mat, then stood up and told him the story and that his father was sick, so they left their horses and rode across the mat until they arrived.  At his older brother with the apple.

They all rode on the carpet until they reached the palace. In the palace, the eldest son gave the apple to his father and he ate it. Then the king recovered from his illness thanks to his three sons. The youngest saw his father sick, the middle one carried them with his magic carpet at wind speed and the eldest treated his father with an apple. Which of them will come to power? The father was angry and said to them: I have a second test for you, and whoever passes it will be king. They said: What's wrong, father? He told them, "We will have a horse race between you, and the last one to come will be the President and the King." Then everyone prepared for the race, and each mounted his horse and waited for the other ran until he was the last one. The king said to them: What are you waiting for? Come here. He moves." They said, "So how do we move, Lord? Does each of us want to be the last? The king said: Don't you have a solution to this problem? The youngest of them said: I have the solution, sir. The king said: What is the solution?

The youngest of them said: Do you want the last horse? Or the knight? Or the knight and the horse? The king said: No, I want the horse to be the last. The youngest of them said: It is simple. We exchange horses, and each one mounts the other's horse and gallops with it quickly until he and his brother's horse are in front, and his brother and his horse are in the back. Therefore, the horse in the back will be the winner.” The king said: “May God bless you.” Each one of them got down and mounted his horse. The race was fierce, and each one of them wanted to outperform the other with his brother’s horse, so that his horse would remain in the rear. After the challenging race, The youngest of them defeated his brother's horse, leaving his brothers behind him, while his horse remained in the rear. Thus the problem ended, and the young son assumed power and became king of the country.

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