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Funny and realistic story The smart engineer

The smart engineer

 There was a man who worked as an architect in one of the companies. One day the company declared bankruptcy and our engineer was unemployed, so he started looking for another job to make a living. However, since he couldn't find a suitable job for himself, he decided...With his sharp intelligence, he opened a medical clinic, hung a sign on the door of the clinic and wrote in bold letters: "We will treat your illness for only $200, and if you do not recover, we will give you $400." . “One day a doctor came by the clinic and worked in one of the clinics nearby, so he read the sign on the door and decided to exploit the engineer to earn $400.

The doctor entered the clinic and said to the engineer, “Doctor, I have lost my sense of taste and I want you to take care of me.” The engineer told him that there was nothing to worry about and asked the nurse to give him the medicine No. 6 to be administered. As soon as the doctor took the medication, he began to remove it from his mouth. He said: “Doctor, what is this? It's gasoline. The engineer replied: Look, thank God, you are cured and have regained your sense of taste, and you have to pay $200. The doctor paid the amount very upset and decided to return to him another time to take revenge on him.

Four days later, the doctor came back to the clinic and said to the engineer: Doctor, I am suffering from memory loss. Please help. The engineer said, “Don’t worry.” Then he asked the nurse to give him drug number 6. The doctor got scared and said to the engineer: But this drug has a number.6 It's gasoline, and the engineer replied: Look, your memory has returned and you are in perfect condition, and now you have to pay me $200. The doctor was angry about what happened, paid the requested amount and then left, but he didn't give up and wanted to come back a second time to make amends. His two defeats.

After a few days, the doctor returned to the engineer's clinic and said, “Doctor, I cannot treat you. I lost my eyesight. Please help me get it back." The engineer replied, "Unfortunately, I cannot treat this disease and restore your vision." For this reason, I will give you $400 as written. The doctor was very happy when he heard this and said, "I have finally recovered my losses the last two times and defeated that arrogant doctor who thinks he is smart." So the engineer ordered the nurse to give the doctor $200 , and when the doctor took it, he saw that even though she had it, she had only given him $200. You should give him $400 because the technician didn't fix it.

The doctor got angry and started shouting loudly at the engineer saying, “You lied to me. “You promised to give me an amount of $400,” and here you are only giving me $200. The engineer smiled and replied, “You see, your eyesight has returned and because I..."I have treated you and I want you to pay me $200." He gave him the required amount and left the clinic in surrender, convinced that he could never deceive this intelligent man, and never returned to the clinic.

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