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The story of Leila and the Wolf

The story of Leila and the Wolf

the introduction

 The story of Laila and the Wolf or Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most widespread children's stories in various cultures around the world. The version written by French author Charles Perrault is considered one of the oldest written versions of the story. It is worth noting that there are several versions of this story, slightly different from each other. However, the differences between them are not very big

let's start

It is said that there was a young and beautiful girl named Laila who lived with her mother in a small town in the middle of a beautiful forest, and they called her Little Red Riding Hood. Because he always liked to wear his red coat that his grandmother had given him for his birthday. One spring morning, after she had finished baking the cakes and putting them in a small basket, her mother said to her, "My beloved girl, put on your red coat and take this basket to your grandmother to have him look." that she is sick and needs someone to take care of her during her illness

After Laila put on her red coat and excitedly carried the basket to the front door, her mother stopped her and said, “Laila, be careful not to get out of the way and go straight to your friend’s house. Grandmother and when." She arrived, greeted her and be polite and friendly when talking to her, so the little girl kissed her mother and reassured her saying: "No. Worry, mother, I will be fine." Then she walked quickly, fulfilling her mother's words, until she reached the forest where her grandmother lived, and there the wolf saw her. The little girl was not afraid when she saw him. She was a girl who only knew love and did not understand the meaning of this creature's wickedness.

The wolf approached Laila and asked her: What is your name, little one? She said: My name is Laila and the villagers call me Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf said: Where are you going, Laila, at this time of day? Then she told him that she was going to visit her sick grandmother, as her mother had requested, and that she had brought him a basket of cakes. The wolf said with a malicious smile: That's beautiful, Laila. What an obedient girl you are. Laila never sensed this wolf's deception for a moment, but she was flattered and thought that he was a gentle creature like her. She smiled innocently at him and then said: Thank you, Wolf. You are a nice creature and I want us to be friends.

The wolf was happy because he managed to trick her and make her trust him. This would make it easier to implement your plan. Then he took the opportunity and said: "Why don't you tell me, my little one, where your grandmother lives, so that you and I can run there and see who gets there first?" Laila answered him innocently: My grandmother lives in a small one , strange wooden house at the end of the forest. Then the wolf said to him, without his malicious smile disappearing from his face: Well, then I'll go this way and you go the other way.

The wolf moved quickly, as fast as he could, and in the meantime Laila was also on her way to her grandmother's house, but on the way she saw very beautiful flowers near the road, and because of her love for colorful flowers, Laila was able to No one could resist the beauty of these flowers and wanted to bring some of them to his sick grandmother. ; She knows how much her grandmother also likes flowers and how much they make her feel happy and make her forget her illness. She also hasn't seen her grandmother for a while and thought it would be a nice gift. After a few moments of hesitation, Laila decided to ignore her mother's warning, thinking that her grandmother's joy with the flowers would make her mother forget what she had done.

In the meantime the wolf had found the grandmother's house and Laila had not yet arrived. The wolf has lived in the forest for a long time and knows its paths well, so he took one of the short and not difficult paths. When he got home, he hurried and knocked on the door. The grandmother could not get up because of her illness and asked from inside: Who is knocking on the door? The wolf said, trying to hide his voice: I am Laila, your granddaughter, my grandmother. Grandma said hesitantly, ignoring her sense of the strangeness of the voice: Well, go ahead, dear.

The cunning wolf entered the house and the grandmother was afraid when she saw him. She tried to scream for help, but no one heard her. Then the wolf grabbed her, locked her in the closet and ordered her not to make a sound, otherwise he would eat her. Then she took her coat and threw herself on her bed in disguise. He was very excited as he waited for Laila to arrive. However, until her plan was successfully implemented and at that moment Laila arrived at her grandmother's house and did not find the wolf there, she did not care much about the matter as she was still satisfied with the beautiful flowers that she had collected for her grandmother had. . and she started knocking on the door.

The wolf said, trying to imitate the grandmother's voice: Who is knocking on the door? Laila said excitedly: I am Laila, my grandmother. I brought you a wonderful surprise. Then the wolf said: Well, here you are, my dear. Laila came in and kissed her grandmother's head as usual, but she felt something suspicious, which she attributed to the fact that she hadn't seen her grandmother in a while. Then he felt a strange calm. Normally her grandmother would be happy to see her, so the wolf interrupted the thoughts running through Laila's mind and said, "How beautiful these flowers are, Laila, thank you, my love."

Laila calmed down for a moment and, after filling it with water, put the flowers in a glass of water that was on a small table next to the bed. Then she sat down next to the bed again, turned to her grandmother and noticing her strange appearance, he innocently decided to ask her: Grandma, why do you have so big eyes? The disguised wolf said: “So I can see you clearly, little one.” Laila noticed something else strange about her grandmother and asked again: Why are your ears so big? The wolf said wisely: So that I can hear your beautiful voice in it, my dear. Then Laila looked at her grandmother's mouth: Grandma, why did your mouth get so big? The wolf said as he took off his grandmother's clothes and bared his fangs, "So that I can eat you with him!" The wolf was worried about Laila, he wanted to pounce on her and eat her, so he screamed loudly for help . Her screams were heard by a hunter who happened to be passing by the grandmother's house. The hunter ran and forced his way into the house, fired his rifle at the wolf and managed to kill him.

Laila cried bitterly as she searched for her grandmother with the hunter, and she continued to cry until she found her in the closet. Then the hunter helped her get her out of the closet, and poor Laila hugged her grandmother and regretted it because she had not heard. His mother and grandmother's will stated that he must fulfill his mother's words in the coming days. Then Laila wiped away her tears, kissed her and promised her that something like that wouldn't happen again and that she had learned a lesson that she would never forget. Finally, Laila and the grandmother thanked the fisherman for the rescue. Laila stayed with Grandma that day to look after her and was grateful and happy that her Grandma was still doing well.

the end

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