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The difference between electric cars and hybrid cars

 The difference between electric cars and hybrid cars

We have recently noticed an increase in fuel prices in several countries, which has led the automotive market to focus in particular on the import and marketing of hybrid and electric cars. So everyone is faced with two options without knowing which is better, the electric car or the hybrid

In this article we will talk about the difference between a hybrid car and an electric car and which one is 

better First, we will explain each feature and how it works

How hybrid cars work:

Hybrid cars mean hybrid cars which means a mix of two things and the meaning of a hybrid car is a car that runs on two engines (fuel and electricity) that's why it is called hybrid (a mix of two things).hybrid cars work with technology invented in recent years.
This technology is based on the presence of an electric motor and a gasoline engine

These engines work together as follows:

Fuel (1)Engine: The fuel engine usually runs on gasoline, although some companies have also manufactured engines that run on diesel. The fuel engine's job is to move the car and generate electrical energy, which it stores in a large battery to power the electric motor

 Electric (2)Motor: The electric motor uses the energy stored in the battery and the job of the electric motor is to provide power and optimal performance in addition to the car engine or even without it
The two motors can run simultaneously in parallel or separately to power the car
The car's computer controls the operation of the two engines

Electric cars:

Electric cars are cars that run solely on electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries to move the car without the intervention of any other energy source

How electric cars work:

Electric cars run on and rely solely on electrical energy as the fuel engine of conventional cars and hybrid vehicles has been replaced with a completely different engine that uses the electrical energy from the battery to power the car

The battery's job is to store electricity inside to provide the engine with the energy needed to move the vehicle. Charging takes place via a charging station, which allows the vehicle to be connected to an external power source to charge the battery
This process uses a special charger that converts the alternating current from the charging point into direct current to charge the battery

Which is better, an electric car or a hybrid car:

Many people cannot decide to purchase this type of vehicle because they are afraid of not understanding the working mechanism of each of these types of vehicles. However, the answer is: hybrid cars are considered the best in terms of power, performance and range. However, they are considered worse than electric cars in terms of maintenance. Due to the high prices for identical parts with regular maintenance

As far as electric cars are concerned, they are less efficient than hybrid cars in terms of power, performance and low speeds compared to hybrid cars. In addition, they only travel certain distances per charge. Electric cars are also experiencing significant price increases due to the high prices of their batteries, as the battery capacity and its storage and storage capacity increase. The price of the car rose for energy

I hope I have succeeded in providing an easy and simple explanation

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