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The story of the virus and the end of the world

The story of the virus and the end of the world

 My name is John. I graduated two years ago and, like others, I started looking for a suitable job. My brother, Max, is a chemist and works in one of the famous research companies. Through Max’s friends, I was able to get a job in a famous pharmaceutical company. I started working in the pharmaceutical company, and in fact, I loved my coworkers very much. My colleagues at work were Ronnie, Danny, Mike, Speed, and Yuri. We were like brothers to each other. The days were going on normally, but I did not know that my brother Max would soon write the end of the world with his own hands.

My brother Max was trying to make a medicine, but something went wrong. He turned this medicine into a virus. This virus stops all functions in the body except the mind. In this case, the mind only searches for food, regardless of the nature of this food. One day we were forced to... To stay up at night for work. It was ten o'clock in the evening and we heard a sound coming from the company's front street. There was a state of chaos and no one knew what was happening. Danny said: What is happening outside, guys? Ronnie replied: No one understands anything, and while everyone is wondering what is happening, we have seen something that is difficult for anyone to believe.

We saw a man eating another man. Yes, this is what I saw for sure. I could never lie to my eyes. In the meantime, we decided to be together and stand together in the face of any challenges in order to exit safely from the company. We tried to leave the company’s door, as the management was... Where we work on the second floor, when we tried to leave the company, the surprise was that the security personnel below had closed the company door, but they turned into cannibals. As soon as they saw us, they started running after us. We were very afraid of their sight, but we started running back to our place on the floor. Second, while we were trying to escape, my friend Danny was tripped and suffered a severe injury to his foot.

We were able to bring him into our administration and close the door on us. We started thinking about how we could get out of this predicament. Everyone was thinking but no one was able to speak. Suddenly I received a call from my brother Max. Max said: Are you okay, John? John said: Yes, but what happened, brother? Max said: Well, there have been genetic changes in one of the viral drugs that turn anyone who inhales this drug into a cannibal. We are now making the antidote, but we will need some time. Suddenly the connection was cut off, and I was not able to call my brother again. The phone had run out of battery. We don't know what to do, there are cannibals outside waiting to eat us.

In this situation, Mike said: I know a way that will enable us to get out of this building. Ronnie said: What is the plan, Mike? Mike said: The building next to the company is a residential building. We can make our way to the top and then move to it and exit the neighboring building. I will not lie to you. I was feeling very afraid, but there is no other escape. The special thing about Mike’s plan is that my car falls directly into it. In front of that residential building, and thus we would be able to escape, we decided to fight the cannibals with simple tools that we collected from our administration. The war began between us and the cannibals. In order to defeat them, we needed to follow only two things.

The first thing is not to be bitten so that we do not turn into cannibals. The second thing is to hit them hard in the head. This is the only way to kill these monsters. We were fighting valiantly, making our way floor after floor. Before we reached the roof of the company, something happened that happened. We were expecting it. While the fight was raging between us and the monsters, the monsters managed to kill our friend Danny. Our friend died before our eyes and we were unable to do anything. We decided that Danny’s sacrifice would not be in vain and that we had to complete what we started together. With great difficulty we were able to reach the surface. The problem is The roof has 4 cannibals.

Ronnie said: You guys go and I will keep them away from you so you can escape. Although we objected to that, Ronnie showed us his hand. Ronnie had been bitten by one of these monsters. Time was running out and the cannibals were coming to us. He started Ronnie fought these monsters alone, and I, Yuri, Speed, and Mike were able to jump to the neighboring building. We were able to get out of this predicament unscathed. In the end, my brother Max was able to reach the antidote so that the police forces could spread this antidote and the world would return to normal again. But we felt great sadness because we lost two of our friends, even our brothers, and their memories will remain in our hearts forever.

the end

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