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sleeping Princess

 It is said that a king and queen lived in a beautiful palace in a distant city and ruled that city with love and peace. However, even though they had money, jewels and palaces, they were not happy because they were not blessed. with a child that would decorate her life. One day the queen gave birth to a beautiful child with whom the king and queen were very happy. They decided to organize a big festival in her honor, to which all the residents of the city would be invited, as well as seven fairies, each of whom would wish the princess a good wish, which would inevitably come true later. In fact, the drums sounded and all the residents of the city were present and rejoiced at the birth of the beautiful princess.

The seven fairies sat at the dining table and the king prepared a golden plate for each of them. The first of them began and wished the princess to be as beautiful as a butterfly. The second fairy wished that this princess had a sweet voice like that of a nightingale, and the third fairy wished that she would play the most beautiful music there is. While the fourth fairy wished that she was a wonderful dancer and the fifth said that she wished the princess to have a wonderful state of mind that would not be disturbed by anything, the sixth fairy wished that everyone who saw her would love her . . , and when the seventh fairy made the wish, an old fairy entered the palace with a black cap and a black scarf and a broom in her hand. Wooden was a fairy who left the kingdom hundreds of years ago, but returned angry when she learned that the king hadn't invited her to the party, so she wanted to.

She took revenge on him and wished the beautiful princess death at the age of fifteen because she was pricked in the finger by a spindle. Everyone was shocked by his evil wish and grief spread throughout the palace. The wish of the seven fairies and the old fairy would inevitably come true. The queen cried for her daughter's fate, but the seventh fairy had not yet wished for it and decided: her wish would be to save the princess by letting her sleep and not die for one hundred

years, and that's all, what she can do.

The king decided to collect all the spinning machines and burn them so that his only daughter would not hurt her finger and what the fairy wanted would happen. One day, when the princess was fifteen years old, she was wandering through the city in front of her parents. She saw a tall tower and her curiosity led her to climb up and see what was inside. When he got to the top, he saw an old woman spinning wool on a machine he had never seen before. He greeted them and asked to introduce him to this machine and try it out. The fairy, who disguised herself as an old woman and hid the spindle, agreed to wait for this moment. I tried The princess tried the machine until she pricked her finger, became unconscious, and fell into a deep sleep. The king and queen learned what had happened and wept for a long time, but they had no choice but to let this princess rest in peace in a bed decorated with gold for a hundred years, while the fairy godmother suggested to the king that she hit her with his stick. Then the king, queen and everyone in the palace also fell into a deep sleep. So that the princess doesn't panic when wakes up and is alone. The king and queen agreed with the fairy's statement and had no other choice. Only a few minutes passed before the fairy raised her wand and everyone fell into a deep sleep. As he pointed again, large and fearsome trees grew in and around the palace. To protect him during this time, days passed and there was a prince from another kingdom who had become accustomed to staying away from his kingdom to hunt. Once the prince saw this palace, his curiosity was piqued and he decided to enter it. His insistence on entering grew even stronger, even as his advisor told him the story of the princess inside. This palace, and sure enough the prince grabbed his sword and started chopping down trees. Despite the difficulty, she climbed around and into him until he reached the interior of the palace and saw the scenes in which life had stopped. He saw the guards standing at the doors like wooden boards and saw the servants frozen in this state, preparing food in the kitchen. The prince continued walking until he reached the princess, who had been sleeping for many years. Then he knelt down and stroked her hair, and she woke up in surprise and the whole palace came to life again. The king and queen were happy that life had returned to normal, so they thanked the brave prince and threw a big party that evening to celebrate the princess's awakening and her marriage to the brave prince.

the end

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