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How to raise a cat at home

How to raise a cat at home

 There are many things that need to be considered when raising cats at home, such as: Such as management, feeding, housing, etc., so that you do not face any difficulties in housing your pet. .

The appropriate age for raising cats:

If you want to raise kittens at home, you must take the age of the kittens into account when bringing them, as it is recommended to wait until the full weaning period is complete, which in most cases lasts 8 to 10 weeks, and no take the kitten , which you want to adopt, from its mother before she finishes nursing. Because kittens of this age receive the nutrition and care necessary for their health from their mother, as the mother cat's milk is considered beneficial for the full growth of bones and the health of other organs. The question of age is one of the most important points to take into account when thinking about raising kittens at home, since the age of cats is generally between 10 and 13 years, being classified as short-lived animals in comparison become other animals.

Sleeping place:

Cats love to play and go out a lot, so it is recommended that their sleeping place be spacious to allow them to move freely

Here are some tips:

Some cats prefer to sleep high up, so you can build your cat a house with legs to make it easier to reach.

 Cats generally like a warm place. Therefore, give them some warmth in their home by covering them with wool or placing a pillow in the house.

 It is not recommended to wash cat pillows thoroughly, as cats are attached to their smell and prefer to have them where they sleep. 

Separate the place where they sleep from the place where they relieve themselves, as cats do not prefer to sleep near the place where they relieve themselves.

Finally, avoid disturbing cats. If you want to raise cats at home, be sure to provide them with a quiet place without noise.


To maintain the health of cats in your home, you must pay attention to the method and type of feeding them, and they must receive proper nutrition to avoid them getting sick.

some advices:

We recommend adopting canned food and giving it to the cats.

Choose balanced food for cats, because in order for it to be balanced and complete, you must follow the instructions on the food box

Make sure you provide your cat with pure water

Be careful about the food you choose to feed the cat as your food is not suitable for some cats and feeding it from your bowl may harm your cat.

Maintain the weight of the cats you raise at home, as excess weight causes the cat to suffer from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure. It is also recommended to constantly talk to the vet about the cats' weight.

A place to relieve himself:

Anyone who intends to keep cats at home has to worry when it comes to hygiene and defecation when introducing a cat into the home, not anymore.

This is the solution"

Choose the right place for the cat to relieve itself. The place should be spacious and quiet, out of sight of the residents of the house. You should introduce the place to the cat by putting it in it and finding out whether the cat is comfortable in it or not.

Choose the right litter for the bathroom as there are many types of litter: recycled paper, silica litter and clay litter. So you should know which type is best for your cat. You should pay attention to the smell of the litter as there are many types of scented litter that your cat may not like.

Keep food utensils away from the bathroom area.


To maintain his health and protect him from diseases

Here are some tips"

It is recommended to bathe your cat at least twice a week to rid them of germs hiding in their hair.

Avoid getting water into the cat's ear as this may cause your cat's instant death.

Provide your cat with everything it needs for bathing, e.g. B. choose a shampoo specifically designed for cats with a mild scent.

Comb the cat's hair before dousing it with water to ensure excess hair is removed.

Calmly and gradually introduce the cat to the bathtub and give it some toys to play with while bathing.

Make sure the temperature of the water used to clean the cat should be moderate.

Rub the cat's hair lightly so as not to injure it

Cats don't particularly like water, so it's recommended not to wait too long before washing

It is recommended to dry the cat well and gently with a towel

Brush the cat's hair after bathing to avoid frizz

Here we come to how to maintain the health of the cat:

It is recommended that cats be checked by the vet regularly, at least once a year, to ensure they are free of infections and other diseases.

When combing your cat's hair, it is a good idea to examine the skin and make sure it is free of fleas or parasites.

If kittens are older than 6 months, it is recommended to have them neutered at this age to prevent and reduce unwanted behaviors such as pregnancy. This also reduces diseases that affect the cat, such as pyometra.

Make sure you brush your cat's teeth daily and get him used to it to prevent oral diseases and the spread of bad odors

Be sure to provide cats with play equipment such as a scratching post and a ball of yarn.

When trimming cat's claws, it is recommended to only trim the front claws so that they are not injured.

It is not necessary to trim the back claws and not to force the cat to trim its claws, but gently and persuasively.

Finally, you must consider some important things when raising cats:

Cats move around a lot, which can cause them to reach dangerous places they are not allowed to go, such as: E.g. chemicals, gas springs and open windows. Therefore, caution is advised in these places.

The possibility of fungal diseases transmitted by cats being transmitted to humans as they appear as red spots on human skin.

When cats come near a place where they drink or eat, inflammation of the throat and tonsils sometimes occurs.

Be careful when cleaning cats as they cause intestinal infections such as diarrhea caused by the transmission of germs such as salmonella. Therefore, it is advisable to wear gloves when cleaning cats and keep them away from their feeding place.

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